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2 Pin BOSCH Style Connector for BMW E30 E34 E36

2 Pin BOSCH Style Connector for BMW E30 E34 E36

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This Bosch-style connector can be used on 1-pin coolant sensors, 2-pin transmission sensors, fuel injectors, evap sensors, or any other sensor that uses this same 2-pin Bosch connector termination. These connectors are found on many BMWs from the 90's & 80's.

  • We sell the de-pinning tool for these connectors too! 
  • All orders include a free boot for strain relief 
  • All un-wired versions include 3 pins, 1 mistake allowed! 
  • If you plan on crimping these yourself please use this style crimping tool for best results


2 Pin Bosch Style Connector for BMW E30 E36

Keywords: M5X Swap E30 Coolant Sensor Connector, Fuel injector, Bosch, Jetronic, manual swap, E36 coolant sensor connector

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