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Dash Switch Delete Plug E30

Dash Switch Delete Plug E30

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Replaces: Volume fader, Hazards button, Defrost, or Circuit breaker for windows 

- Made from durable ASA polymer (Stronger than ABS and UV resistant to avoid fading) 

- Audibly snaps into place with OEM flush fitment. Designed to be removable. 

- Modify them by drilling a hole to add an LED, Switch, etc...

- Clean textured finished for an OEM look 

- Works in e24, e28, and e30 dashes



Volume Fader: 61311368769

Hazards Button: 61311367340

Defrost Button: 61311380338

Circuit Breaker: 61311369375

(If you want a different color please contact me)
* 3D-Printed parts have minor imperfections. Do not expect the finish to be 100% flawless *
* Interior parts have a higher standard when it comes to appearance *

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