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Heater Delete Plug E30

Heater Delete Plug E30

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No longer running a heater in your E30? Want to get rid of the open hole in your firewall? The FalkMFG E30 BMW Heater Delete Plug fills this hole re-sealing the interior of your car. Preventing water ingress and eliminating the draft on your legs by plugging the hole completely. The FalkMFG E30 BMW Heater delete plug is constructed from a rubber meaning you can simply press it into place for a clean and tight fit, no tools needed. 


Made from flexible TPU material

- Snaps into place very firm and seals to avoid water ingress & drafts

- Easily removable for going back to OEM configuration

- Not branded on the outside for a clean OEM look

- Other vendors charge $55 for this same product! Save big. 

* 3D-Printed parts have minor imperfections. Do not expect the finish to be 100% flawless. Parts are guaranteed to function as intended. *

Associated Part Numbers: 64 11 1 370 809, 64-11-1-370-809, 64-11-1-370-809-BOE,, 64111370809

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