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E36 AUX Switch

E36 AUX Switch

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  • OEM+ Look & Quality 
  • Super Quick & Easy Install
  • Control Fans, Lights, Engine functions, etc...
  • Made In USA
  • 15 AMP Rating
  • No Special Tools Required

Control numerous functions on your E36 with this quality switch. I hand-inspect each housing to make sure it meets my quality standards. Every unit comes with a 1-year warranty and instructions. 

These units are easy to install and quick to wire up. All you need is an average pair of crimpers, some 16-14 AWG wire, and a PH#1 screwdriver. It is critical that you use the correct size wire and a proper pair of crimpers for reliable connections. This switch can be installed into your panel in about 5 minutes with no modification necessary. Our mounting system applies an even pressure to provide a secure fit. 

NOTE: If your circuit is drawing over 10 amps you MUST run the circuit through a proper relay. Otherwise, you will significantly reduce the lifespan of the switch or even cause an electrical fire. Also, please consider adding a fuse to your circuit for additional convenience and safety.  

Replaces the following part numbers:

Switch EDC: 61318350765 ( $115 OEM price ) 

Switch ASC: 61311390806 ( $95 OEM price )

Heated Seats Switch: 61311387917 ( $172 OEM price )

Blank Plastic Pannel: 51161963979

We also provide E30 cupholder

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