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E36 Cupholder Extension

E36 Cupholder Extension

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*NOTE: Only works on E36s that have the modular center console.*

Check the style of your cupholders BEFORE ordering.

Let's face it, BMW is not known for the best cupholder designs. This results in almost all cups/water bottles having a poor fit.

I've developed the perfect solution to this problem. This insert clips in securely and allows you to hold containers up to 3.30 inches in diameter (84.5mm). Contact me if you want a custom one to accommodate a larger container. OEM part number for original cupholder: 51168217480.

You'll notice that the insert is available in both textured and matte finish options for the top rim. Choose whichever you think looks the best! 

  • Highest quality on the market (other options have ugly transitions, are too glossy, or are made out of PETG which can warp in hot summer weather) 
  • Made with ASA polymer (like ABS but more resistant to UV fading from the sun)
  • Holds containers up to 3.30 inches in diameter (84.5mm)
  • Works both under the armrest and in front (see pictures)


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